Origin Story

So what exactly is Vocal Fry? For most, it is the sound that people (re: women) of a certain age make when they speak. It is defined loosely as “a low, staccato vibration during speech, produced by a slow fluttering of the vocal cords” (Fessenden, 2011). There are a number of examples of it, and some people Including Faith Salie find it disgusting. You can watch her shaming many young women for it on youtube.  Even This American Life had a piece on Vocal Fry and the distaste older listeners feel when they hear it. I am a fry girl, I fry with the best of them, and so it seemed natural to call this experience Vocal Fry.

Vocal Fry is seen by some as an affliction, by others as a sure sign that young people are loose with their words and by many as a nuisance. It is guttural, and only obvious when you’re listening for it. It has only been given meaning, since it has been named. So to is this experience.  I’m starting this blog as a process, as a way of making myself remember.

It is a way of actively listening for something I’ve always heard but never registered, in myself, through the history of my family, and through the experiences of connecting my past across oceans, time, and generational secrets. Through a voice that was acquired over time, one that is clearly my own, I intend to explore, postulate, theorize, and cause general shenanigans.

This blog will be a multimedia exploration of my family, my work (both academic and personal), myself, and what happens to a history across a diaspora.  It is (semi)autobiographical, it’s very personal and it will border on the eccentric, and at times the histrionic. This project will center around two seminal processes. The first,  stems from an overwhelming desire to answer the question What Does it Mean to Let Go?. The second, will explore some grandiose concepts such as health, healing, and the human condition in a series called Women Born to Survive the Apocalypse

A few pieces will exist as stand alone experiences, and those will be notes on writing, or rather how to forgive yourself for not engaging in your practice. Welcome.


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